Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This chocolate chip banana bread is absolutely delicious! Warm, moist, sweet, and chocolatey, this is the absolute best banana bread recipe! There is nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a nice slice of banana bread with a warm…
honors classes highschool

How Many Honors Classes Should You Take Freshman Year of Highschool?

Freshman year of highschool is always a huge adjustment. From having to learn a new school, to an increase of extracurricular activities, to meeting many new peers, finding the perfect balance in between academics and other aspects of your life…
White chocolate dipped oreos

White Chocolate Dipped Oreos

These white chocolate dipped oreos are the perfect dessert for any occasion! Sweet, tasty, simple, cute, and absolutely delicious, you won't get enough of these white chocolate dipped oreos! These white chocolate dipped oreos are the…