stovetop popcorn

How To Make Popcorn On The Stove

This homemade popcorn tastes exactly like the kind you get in the movies minus the bad chemicals! This warm, fresh, popcorn is the absolute perfect snack for a movie night or when your craving a delicious snack. It is so easy to make, and after…
dairy free ice cream
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Healthy Frozen Berries Ice Cream

This berry ice cream is so refreshing, tasty, and delicious, that it's hard to believe that it's healthy! Only requiring 3 ingredients, anyone can make this yummy treat! This berry ice cream is so light and refreshing! It is the absolute…
tropical smoothie bowl
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Blueberry Acai Coconut Smoothie Bowl

This easy blueberry acai coconut smoothie bowl is not only refreshing, but healthy, filling, and delicious! It can be eaten as a breakfast, snack, or even dessert, and is so bright and cheerful! This acai bowl is naturally sweetened,…
how to make chocolate matzah
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Homemade Chocolate Matzah Recipe

This chocolate matzah is so tasty, chocolatey, and simply the perfect passover dessert! A crunchy inside layer, with tasty chocolate on top, this is the perfect treat! Only requiring two ingredients and a few minutes, anyone could whip…
healthy avocado toast

Avocado Toast With Egg

This avocado toast with egg is refreshing, healthy, filling, and delicious! It is the perfect breakfast or lunch, and is the perfect meal if your looking for a healthy, vibrant, treat! This avocado toast is the perfect way to start your…
Brownie Balls Recipe
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Brownie Batter Balls

These edible brownie batter balls are the tastiest treat to satisfy your sugar cravings! Taking only 5 minutes to prepare, and 3 ingredients, you can make these treats on even the busiest of nights! These brownie batter balls only take 5…