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Pearl White Nails

Pearl white nails are flattering on everyone, perfect for literally any situation. And they have the ideal balance of character and neutral vibes. Neutral nails are likely to never go out of style, but every so often, a new neutral nail trend catches our eye. Pear White Nails Are Trendy and Timeless You’ve probably seen […]


April Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors

With a new month comes fun new nails! April is the perfect time for fun spring colors and designs. Pastels, flowers, and cheerful colors are all adorable options for your April nails! April Pastel Nails April is the absolute perfect month for pastel nails! Pastel is spring’s signature pallet, and goes super well with spring […]

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March Nail Ideas, Designs, and Colors

So it’s finally spring! After a few months of winter nails, you can now start your transition to cute pastel spring nails! This guide will give ideas for the best March nail ideas, designs, and colors. If you want to see the best spring break nail designs, check out Spring Break Nail Ideas, Designs, and Colors […]


Spring Break Nail Ideas, Designs, and Colors

Are you looking for the perfect spring break nail ideas? This guide will give you the best spring break nail looks that are sure to give you the perfect instagram picture and level up your vacation! Pink Spring Break Nails If you are looking for a cheerful nail look, pink nails are always a great […]

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Is AP Environmental Science Hard?

What is AP Environmental Science? AP Environmental Science is a two-semester year round high school course that explores how the environment works, relationships between humans and nature, and building a sustainable future. AP Environmental Science covers a wide range of topics from biology to ecology to chemistry, and pretty much goes over all things relating […]

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Common App Activities Section – What To Write

The Common App activities section can be quite confusing! If your wondering which activities to include, how many you need, what’s considered an activity, and which section you should put your achievements in, this guide will answer all of your questions! What do I write in the activities section of Common App? You should write […]

How To Charge Apple Pencil

It can be confusing to figure out where to charge your Apple Pencil! This guide will answer all of your Apple Pencil charging questions. Easiest way to charge Apple Pencil With your Apple Pencil 1, simply remove the cap and plug in into your iPad’s lighting connector. It should be on the bottom side of […]


Best Extracurriculars For College

It can be quite difficult to figure out which extracurriculars you should participate in. This guide will explain the best extracurriculars to do, and how to select your extracurriculars by interest! What extracurriculars should I do in high school? You should find a few extracurriculars that you are passionate about and stick with them. You […]


February Nails Ideas, Colors And Designs

February nail colors are more fun and romantic than the previous wintery season. Between Valentine’s Day nail designs and being on the cusp of fun spring colors, February nail designs are a perfect outlet to showcase your creativity and personality! Here are some cute and trendy ideas for your February nails! Valentine February nails Nail […]