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Pink Cupcakes With Sprinkles

These pink cupcakes with sprinkles are so cute, easy, and delicious! Perfect for a party, valentines day, or if you just want a tasty treat, you will love these cupcakes! These cupcakes are absolutely so cute! Despite being so easy to make, they look like they are professional! With vibrant pink frosting, and a delicious […]

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Sauteed Broccoli Recipe

This sauteed broccoli is the absolute perfect side dish! Flavorful, tasty, and easy to make, you will absolutely love this broccoli! If you are looking for a healthy side dish that goes with almost every meal, this broccoli is the perfect side dish! You can pair it with a fancy dinner, a quick on the […]

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Raspberry Brownies Recipe

These raspberry brownies taste absolutely amazing! Despite being so easy to make, they taste like they came out of a gourmet restaurant! With a delicious raspberry taste over fudgy chocolate, you will be absolutely obsessed! These brownies will be sure to satisfy any guests. The rich raspberry taste perfectly compliments the warm fudgy chocolate. These […]

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Vegan Chickpea Protein Energy Balls

These vegan chickpea protein energy balls are so delicious and filling! With yummy vegan chocolate chips, you will absolutely love these healthy energy balls! If you need a quick, delicious, and healthy snack, these vegan chickpea energy balls are the perfect recipe! They are filled with delicious nutrients that is guaranteed to keep you full. […]

Spring M&M’s Cookies

These spring M&M cookies are so cute, festive, and the perfect dessert for a spring day! Soft, delicious, and so addicting, you will absolutely love these spring M&M cookies! These cookies are the perfect dessert for any sort of spring gatherings or parties. Kids and adults alike will love these cookies, so everyone will be […]


Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars

These marshmallow lucky charms bars are so cheerful, tasty, sweet and delicious! Kids and adults alike will be absolutely obsessed with these colorful treats! Kids will be obsessed with these sweet treats! Lucky charms seem to be everyone’s favorite breakfast cereal, so combining them with sweet marshmallows and butter will make anyone go crazy 🙂 […]

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

These delicious chocolate chip banana muffins are soft, chocolatey, and so addicting! These muffins are the perfect breakfast or dessert, and you will be sure to love them! These muffins are the absolute best way to start your morning. Waking up to enjoy a warm, fresh, aromatic banana chocolate chip muffin is perfect! These can […]

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Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies

These delicious heart shaped meringue cookies are so light, fluffy, sweet, and so addicting! The perfect valentines day treat or gift, you will absolutely love these! These heart shaped meringues are absolutely so delicious! They are light, crispy, and fluffy, and very addicting. They are the perfect dessert to enjoy with a cup of tea, […]

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Chocolate Banana Cookies

These banana cookies are soft, delicious, and have an amazing chocolatey banana flavor! Like banana bread in cookie form, you will absolutely love these cookies! These cookies are the perfect dessert to make if you have extra bananas lying around! Getting tired of the same old banana bread? These cookies are warm, soft, chocolatey and […]

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Edible Brownie Cookie Dough Recipe

This brownie cookie dough is absolutely addicting, 3 ingredients, and so easy to make! When you can’t decide if you want brownies or cookie dough, now you can have both!:) This cookie dough is absolutely delicious! It has the consistency of fresh homemade cookie dough, and the taste of mouth-watering brownies. Once you take a […]