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The BEST stair stepper workout – 30 minutes fat burn, glute focus

The stair stepper is one of the most effective cardio machines, but it can get a little boring. Personally, I’ve always loved the stair stepper as my form of cardio, but I struggled with staying engaged. With this stair stepper workout, your guaranteed to burn tons of calories, get sweating, and stay engaged. If you […]

Nude Nails Design Idea With White And Gold Swirls

These nude nails with white and gold swirls are so elegant and beautiful! You will absolutely love these nails! These gorgeous nude nails with gold and white swirls are extremely easy to recreate! Firstly, you want to file your nails into a oval shape. While you can do other shapes, since this look is more […]

Cobalt Blue Nails With Heart Design On Ring Finger

These beautiful cobalt blue nails with a gorgeous heart design on the ring finger are the perfect nails if your looking for an elegant and fun look! You have to try these nails! These cobalt blue nails with a heart design are so easy to recreate! One of the best parts of this design is […]

French Manicure With Light Pink Tips

This beautiful French manicure with light pink tips is absolutely stunning and perfect for any occasion! You will loves these gorgeous French nails! These light pink French nails are so easy to recreate, and perfect for shorter nails! Additionally, you can choose any shape for these nails! I chose “squoval”, a cross between round and […]

Light Purple Nails Design With Flowers

These light purple nails with adorable flowers are the PERFECT nails for spring and summer! You are sure to love these cheerful nails! These gorgeous light purple nails with flowers are easy to recreate! Firstly, you are going to paint on a light purple color on your thumb, index, and pinky finger. After that you […]


5 Things to Do in High-school if you want to Major in Business

If you are intending on majoring is business in college, its important that you demonstrate to colleges that you have a genuine interest in business. Additionally, getting involved in business in high-school helps prepare you for college and helps you further discover your passion in business. In high-school it can be unclear about what you […]

Abstract Swirls Pastel Nails Design Light Purple Green

These swirl pastel nail designs are absolutely beautiful! You are sure to love these fun eye-capturing nails! Despite their complex looks, you can recreate these stunning swirl nails! To recreate this look, you need a nude base tinted white, a light purple color, and a mint green color. First you are going to want to […]