Is Ap Lit hard?
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Is AP Lit Hard? AP English Literature and Composition Class

If you are thinking about taking AP Lit next year, this guide will answer all of your questions! You will learn the difficulty level, the course content, and how it differs from AP Lang. What is AP Lit? AP Lit is short for AP English Literature…
What to do when deferred from college

Deferred From College Meaning And What To Do

So you’ve just been deferred from a college and your wondering, what now? This guide will tell you what getting deferred means, and exactly what to do to increase your admission decision. What does it mean to get deferred from college? Getting…
Letter of Continued Interest

Letter Of Continued Interest For College

Getting deferred from a college can definitely be frustrating, but writing letters of continued interest really help increase your chances of admission. This guide will cover all about how to write the perfect letter of continued interest. What…
AP Government and Politics
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Is AP Gov Hard? AP US Government And Politics Class

With so many different history APs, it can be hard to decide which one to take. This guide will explain everything you need to know about AP Gov.  What is AP Gov? AP Gov stands for AP US Government and Politics. It is not to be confused…
DECA business club

DECA Club In High School

DECA is an international competitive business organization for high school and college students. In this guide, you will learn all about high school DECA. What is DECA club in high school? DECA is an international competitive business…
Honors classes in high school

What Are Honors Classes In High School?

With so many different types of high school classes, it can get confusing. This guide will teach you about honors classes, their benefits, how they boost your GPA, and their difficulty level. What are honors classes? Honors classes are…
AP World History
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Is AP World History Hard?

AP World History is a common first AP history class. Out of the 3 AP history classes I took, AP World History was the hardest class for me, but really covered a variety of interesting topics. How hard is AP World History? Like any AP,…
Weighted vs unweighted GPA

What Is Weighted And Unweighted GPA?

GPAs can oftentimes be very confusing and unclear. With college admissions growing more and more competitive, GPAs are growing more important. This guide will explain what exactly weighted and unweighted GPAs are, which are best for college,…
Instagram reel views

How to Get Lots of Views on Instagram Reels

Instagram’s algorithm can be confusing! I’ve posted very similar reels where one video gets thousands of views and the other gets a few. Here are some tips to keep in mind which will maximize your Instagram reel views! 1. Use…

What Happens During a DECA Competition – Local, Regionals, State, Internationals

Going into your first DECA competition can be scary! Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can be very helpful. In this guide, I will break down what happens during various DECA competitions. Role-Play Events To begin, during…