Nail Design Ideas

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Purple Nails – Ideas & Designs

Purple Nails Purple is such a fun and cheerful color for your next manicure! These are some of my favorite purple nail looks that are great for any occasion! I hope you find the perfect purple nails. Light Purple Nails with Glitter These…

Concert Nails Ideas, Designs, Colors

Concert Nail Ideas, Designs, and Colors Have a fun concert coming up? Here are some of my favorite concert nails that are bold, bright, and fun! I hope that you find your next perfect concert nails! Bold Pink Chrome Nails These pink chrome…
Light pink nails

Bachelorette Party Nails

Bachelorette Party Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors So you have a bachelorette party coming up! This nail guide will give you ideas for the cutest bachelorette party nails. I recommend going with fun and bright colors. My favorite bachelorette party…
bright orange nails with white swirls nail design idea
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Summer Nail Designs, Ideas, Colors 2023

Summer Nail Designs, Ideas, and Colors 2023 If you are looking for your new summer manicure, I got you! This guide will cover all of the cutest summer nail designs and ideas, divided by style and color. I hope that you find the perfect summer…
Short white nails
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Short White Nails with Blue and Silver Swirls

These short white nails with blue and silver swirls are absolutely SO Cute! They are super versatile and an absolutely adorable color! The silver sparkles add an adorable touch and the bright blues are super fun. You are going to love these…
Red swirls nails

Red and White Almond Nails with Swirls

These red and white almond nails with swirls are so cute and classy! They are perfect for summer or for a party! You are going to absolutely love these gorgeous nails! These nails are perfect for summer! Summer is the perfect time for…
summer pastel nails design multicolor swirls

Birthday Nails – Ideas and Designs

Birthday Nail Ideas and Designs Is your birthday coming up? Here are all of the cutest birthday nail colors and designs for your special day! This guide will be divided by colors and styles so that you can find your perfect birthday nails! Pink…
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Simple Nails Ideas and Designs

Simple Nails Ideas If you’re looking for some more simple nail designs, this guide has you covered! This guide has tons of different simple nail colors and designs for any occasion. Simple nails are great for work, as they aren’t too distracting…
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Blue Nail Ideas and Designs

Blue Nail Ideas and Designs If you are looking for the best blue nail ideas and designs, I got you! This guide has tons of the cutest blue nail options with tons of different blue shades and different designs. Light Blue Nail Design This…
Short white nails

Graduation Nails – Ideas, Designs, Colors

Graduation Nails Looking for the perfect nails for your graduation? This guide will give you tons of different graduation nails ideas based on colors, designs, and styles. When choosing your graduation nails, consider your dress, your cap and…