This white french tips nail design is an absolute clean girl inspiration, elevated with the white and gold swirl accent nails. The nude base keeps this manicure classy and understated while the sparkly gold glitter is eye-catching. Truly, this is the perfect combination of classic and creative. Create an Oval Nail Shape This nail design […]

How to charge your apple pencil

How To Charge Apple Pencil

It can be confusing to figure out where to charge your Apple Pencil! This guide will answer all of your Apple Pencil charging questions. Easiest way to charge Apple Pencil With your Apple Pencil 1, simply remove the cap and plug in into…
The best extracurriculars for college

Best Extracurriculars For College

It can be quite difficult to figure out which extracurriculars you should participate in. This guide will explain the best extracurriculars to do, and how to select your extracurriculars by interest! What extracurriculars should I do in…
february nails ideas

February Nails Ideas, Colors And Designs

February nail colors are more fun and romantic than the previous wintery season. Between Valentine’s Day nail designs and being on the cusp of fun spring colors, February nail designs are a perfect outlet to showcase your creativity and personality!…

Silver Sparkly Glitter Nails

This silver sparkly glitter nail design is absolutely perfect for any situation. While silver glitter nails are especially popular around the holidays, adding a little glitz to the festive season with their sparkle, they are a nail design you…

Red French Tip Nails

This is a flexible nail design that will keep you looking chic for any occasion from Valentine's Day to summer vacation nails to fall and even Christmas manicures. This nail design could not be more versatile. The French Manicure Is A Classic…
Catalina Island Summer Weather

Catalina Island Weather

Just 22 miles Southwest of LA, Catalina Island is a hidden gem! With beautiful light blue waters and sandy beaches, Catalina Island is the perfect place for a relaxing beach day or exciting snorkeling trip. The town is also very cute and has…