This white french tips nail design is an absolute clean girl inspiration, elevated with the white and gold swirl accent nails. The nude base keeps this manicure classy and understated while the sparkly gold glitter is eye-catching. Truly, this is the perfect combination of classic and creative. Create an Oval Nail Shape This nail design […]

Is Ap Lit hard?
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Is AP Lit Hard? AP English Literature and Composition Class

If you are thinking about taking AP Lit next year, this guide will answer all of your questions! You will learn the difficulty level, the course content, and how it differs from AP Lang. What is AP Lit? AP Lit is short for AP English Literature…
What to do when deferred from college

Deferred From College Meaning And What To Do

So you’ve just been deferred from a college and your wondering, what now? This guide will tell you what getting deferred means, and exactly what to do to increase your admission decision. What does it mean to get deferred from college? Getting…
Letter of Continued Interest

Letter Of Continued Interest For College

Getting deferred from a college can definitely be frustrating, but writing letters of continued interest really help increase your chances of admission. This guide will cover all about how to write the perfect letter of continued interest. What…
January Nails Ideas Colors Designs
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Blue And White Swirl Nails Design

This nude nail design with blue and white swirls is bright and easy to create! Swirls and organic shapes on nails are trendy, seen on the fashion runways and on stylish streetwear as well. You can achieve this hot trending nail design with just…

January Nails Ideas, Colors And Designs

By January, you’ve likely worked through all the warm tones of fall and every red and green holiday variation that caught your eye. It’s too early for the pinks of Valentine's season or the florals of spring.  Here are some creative ideas…
baked oatmeal recipe with frozen berries

Healthy Baked Oatmeal With Frozen Berries

This healthy baked oatmeal with frozen berries is the absolute perfect breakfast! Packed with fiber, vitamins, and all natural ingredients, this baked oatmeal is so healthy and delicious! This easy berry baked oatmeal is so warm, flavorful…