In the world of energy drinks, finding a beverage that not only gives you the pep you need but also tastes great and has health-conscious ingredients is a treasure. Get Gorgie, a brand that’s making waves in the energy drink market, gifted me a selection of their offerings to try. From the vibrant Sparkling Citrus […]

Easy quick homemade pasta

Homemade Pasta Recipe Without Machine

Want to make homemade pasta but don't have the pasta machine? You'll be eating homemade pasta today after you follow this easy recipe - no machine needed! This homemade pasta recipe is perfect for beginners! Homemade pasta vs store bought Homemade…
AP World History
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Is AP World History Hard?

AP World History is a common first AP history class. Out of the 3 AP history classes I took, AP World History was the hardest class for me, but really covered a variety of interesting topics. How hard is AP World History? Like any AP,…
Weighted vs unweighted GPA

What Is Weighted And Unweighted GPA?

GPAs can oftentimes be very confusing and unclear. With college admissions growing more and more competitive, GPAs are growing more important. This guide will explain what exactly weighted and unweighted GPAs are, which are best for college,…
Champagne Gold And White Nails Design
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Champagne Gold And White Nails Design

This Champagne Gold And White Nails Design is a perfect DIY manicure idea if you like high-end gold and white holidays nails inspiration. Or if you simply love a lavish champagne gold nail look. Gold and white is a classic combo that creates…
pink and purple nails design
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Pink And Purple Nails Design

This Pink And Purple Nails Design is such a creative and trendy manicure design! The pink and purple combo with a white stripe accent is a dreamy feminine color palette. The fun modern boho swirls are especially chic when paired with almond-shaped…
pink long coffin nails
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Long Pink Coffin Nails

Hot pink long coffin nails are so fun and fashionable! Add some personality to your look with this bold and playful manicure. Pink nails are a go-to option for a fun summer mani! What Is The Meaning Of Bright Pink Nails? Bold pink nails…