In the world of energy drinks, finding a beverage that not only gives you the pep you need but also tastes great and has health-conscious ingredients is a treasure. Get Gorgie, a brand that’s making waves in the energy drink market, gifted me a selection of their offerings to try. From the vibrant Sparkling Citrus […]

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Smiley Face Nails In Blue And White

This blue and white nail design is fresh and extra fun because of the hand-drawn black and white smiley face accent nail. Perfect any time of year to show off your bold personality. You can create this look with normal smiley faces or get extra…
Burgundy Nails, Wine Red Nails, Dark Red Nails, Burgundy Nails Design, Red Holiday Nails, Red Christmas Nails
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Burgundy Dark Red Nails Design With Gold

Burgundy dark red nails are a bold and fun manicure idea. Burgundy nails are a versatile look for girls who love cute red nail designs. A warm burgundy is perfect for fall nails or a deep wine red burgundy for Christmas nails. Dark red nails…
Different Shades Of Blue Nails Design
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Different Shades Of Blue Nails Design

This different shades of blue with swirls accent nails design is a feminine and DIY manicure you can wear any time of year. From class, to work, to a party this shades of blue nail design is a cute look that shows off your personality in any…
AP Government and Politics
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Is AP Gov Hard? AP US Government And Politics Class

With so many different history APs, it can be hard to decide which one to take. This guide will explain everything you need to know about AP Gov.  What is AP Gov? AP Gov stands for AP US Government and Politics. It is not to be confused…
DECA business club

DECA Club In High School

DECA is an international competitive business organization for high school and college students. In this guide, you will learn all about high school DECA. What is DECA club in high school? DECA is an international competitive business…
Honors classes in high school

What Are Honors Classes In High School?

With so many different types of high school classes, it can get confusing. This guide will teach you about honors classes, their benefits, how they boost your GPA, and their difficulty level. What are honors classes? Honors classes are…