January Nails Ideas, Colors And Designs

By January, you’ve likely worked through all the warm tones of fall and every red and green holiday variation that caught your eye. It’s too early for the pinks of Valentine’s season or the florals of spring.  Here are some creative ideas for your January nails:

January Nail Ideas

January Nail Colors: Blue Nail Design Ideas

Blue hues are the perfect January nail colors. The weather is likely snowier than ever and shades of blue ranging from light and airy light blue nails to a bold cobalt blue mani are all perfect for a fresh January look.

Light Blue Nails Ring Finger Design With Simple Swirls 

Winter Snowflake Nail Design With Blue French TipsLight Blue Soft Square Nails 

Cobalt Blue Nails With Heart Design On Ring Finger 

Light Blue Nails Ring Finger Design With Simple Swirls 

Sky Blue Coffin Nails Manicure

January Nail Ideas: White Nail Design Inspiration

White nails aren’t just for summer! A clean white mani is perfect for those of us who love to start the year with a fresh slate. Pair your white nails with gold and glitter to add the luxury and elegance of a little sparkle to your aesthetic.

White And Gold Glitter Nails Colorblock Design Idea 

White Nails With Gold Foil Accent Finger

Winter White Nails

winter white nails

January Birthday Nails

Birthdays are a time to celebrate yourself and your birthday nail design should make you feel confident and uniquely you any time of year!

January birthday nails in a birthstone-inspired Garnet red is a stunning choice.

January red nails

If you prefer a more understated look consider Nude Nails With Glitter with a garnet accent nail or a White French Tips Manicure with garnet rhinestone accents.

January Birthday Nails

Cute Nail Designs For January

If you like cute nail designs, January is a time of year to include swirls, decals and glitter. People still feel festive from the holidays and will love to see a cute swirl or fun decal.

Blue And White Swirl Nails Design

Lavender Nails Design Idea With White And Silver Swirls 

White Nail Design Ideas – Simple Butterfly Sticker Designs

Grey Silver Metallic Nails Design Idea With French Combo 

Cute Nail Designs For January

Trending January Nail Shapes: Coffin Nails & Almond Nails

Whether you like your nails long and bold or shorter and more understated, you’re in luck. Two of the trending nail shapes for winter-spring this year are coffin and almond-shaped nails.

swirl nail design

January Coffin Nails

The coffin nails trend exploded recently as many celebrities and influencers have been seen with the long and dramatic nail shape. The bold shape is a favorite for professional nail artists as it makes for a balanced and spacious canvas to showcase unique nail art.

Sky Blue Coffin Nails Manicure

Blue And Beige Ombre Nails With Solid Blue Accent Finger

How To Shape Coffin Nails On Natural Nails

January Coffin Nail Ideas

January Almond Nails

Almond nails are an incredibly flattering option to all hands. An evolution of the round shape, almond nails have taken a stronghold as a trending shape due to their beauty and durability.

January Almond Nails

Nude Nails With White And Gold Swirls

Beige Nails With White Swirls

Champagne Gold And White Nails Design

Blue And White Swirl Nails Design 

Different Shades Of Blue Nails Design

Hope you got some new ideas for your January manicure! Please bookmark my site for lots of different nail designs for every season.  Enjoy!

Are you thinking ahead and looking for nail ideas for next month? Check out my nail ideas for February!

January Nails Ideas, Colors And Designs
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