winter white nails

These fun white nails are perfect for the winter, and have a beautiful sparkly shine! You will absolutely love these wintery white nails!

winter white nails

These white nails use the dip powder color Nugenesis NU 125 “Snow White”.

nu-125 nails

Many white nails offer a more summery look. These nails, however, differ from summer white nails, because the white is more muted and offers less of a “pop”. Being someone who loves white nails, I dislike how so many of the white colors are so flashy and do not fit the winter aesthetic. These nails however go perfectly in winter, as they look like freshly fallen snow.

Nugenesis NU 125

These nails will go absolutely perfectly with a sweater, and will add the perfect touch to your winter outfits. In addition, these nails will go great in winter photoshoots! They will add the perfect touch to your photos, and fit right in with the winter theme!

winter white nails

True to its name “Snow White”, this nail polish has a similar color to snow. Just like snow, it also has tiny white and blue sparkles when you look at it in the light. These sparkles add a beautiful touch, like freshly fallen snow.

winter nails

You can find similar winter white colors in other brands of nail polishes, just look for a muted white color with sparkles in it.Being the perfect white nail polish for winter, you will absolutely love these wintery white nails!

Winter white nails idea
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