Hot Pink Coffin Nails with White and Silver Swirls

Hot pink summer nails

These hot pink coffin nails with white and silver swirls are absolutely stunning! They are perfect for the summertime, a party, or if you’re going on a vacation! You are sure to get so many compliments from these gorgeous hot pink nails and absolutely love them!

Hot pink summer nails

These fun coffin hot pink nails are perfect for the summertime! There is no better time for bold and bright nails than in the summer! They would go great with a fun summer outfit! If your looking for more summer nails, check out Summer Nail Designs, Ideas, Colors 2023.

Hot pink nails

These stunning swirly nails are also great if you are going on a vacation. I don’t know about you, but for me a fun manicure always sets up the perfect vibes for my vacation. You will get so many compliments from these cheerful pink nails! If you’re looking for more vacation nails, look at Vacation Nails Ideas Designs Colors for some fun looks.

Hot pink coffin nails

I also love these nails for parties! If you are having a party or dance coming up, these nails are a great option. They’d look great with a pink or white outfit and the sparkles really add to the party vibe.

Hot pink sparkly coffin nails

You can recreate these hot pink coffin nails yourself! To start, you need to shape your nails to be a coffin shape. You can really do any shape, but I found that this design looks best with longer, coffin nails. If you want to learn how to shape coffin nails on natural nails, check out How To Shape Coffin Nails On Natural Nails.

Summer hot pink nails

To recreate these nails, you will need a clear base color, a hot pink color, and a white and sparkly color. You will also need an extra thin brush to paint on the swirls. It would also be helpful to have a q-tip with nail polish remover nearby to remove any mistakes.

Hot pink coffin nails

Start by painting the clear base-coat on the middle and fourth finger. Next, paint a few layers of hot pink onto the remaining 3 nails. Wait til the clear base coat is completely dry before painting on the swirls. Next, paint on one white swirl in the middle of the third finger and in the corner of the fourth finger. Let the white swirl dry. Then, paint on two pink swirls in the corners of the middle finger and one pink swirl near the center of the fourth finger. Finally, paint on one white swirl in the remaining spaces of each hand. Finish with a shiny top coat and enjoy your new nails!

Cute pink coffin nails

There are also ways to switch up these fun hot pink coffin nails! If you like the swirls, add them to more of the nails. You can also only paint the swirl design on the fourth finger for a little accent. If you’re not loving the hot pink, you can switch it out for a lighter shade of pink, or just switch up the color all together. You can really do so many different things with these nails. I hope that you love your new cute and trendy nails!

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