In the world of energy drinks, finding a beverage that not only gives you the pep you need but also tastes great and has health-conscious ingredients is a treasure. Get Gorgie, a brand that’s making waves in the energy drink market, gifted me a selection of their offerings to try. From the vibrant Sparkling Citrus […]

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Easter Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors

With Easter right around the corner, you might be looking for some cute Easter nail ideas! There are so many different nail looks you can go for to celebrate the special occasion. Pastels and spring colors are always a great option, and flowers…
summer pastel nails design multicolor swirls
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Spring Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors

With a new season comes the cutest new nails! Spring is the best time for pastels, flowery designs, and cheerful colors! Here are some of the cutest spring nail looks. Spring Pastel Nails Spring is the perfect time to get adorable pastel nails!…
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White French Tip Nails With Design

This white french tips nail design is an absolute clean girl inspiration, elevated with the white and gold swirl accent nails. The nude base keeps this manicure classy and understated while the sparkly gold glitter is eye-catching. Truly, this…
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Pearl White Nails

Pearl white nails are flattering on everyone, perfect for literally any situation. And they have the ideal balance of character and neutral vibes. Neutral nails are likely to never go out of style, but every so often, a new neutral nail trend…

April Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors

With a new month comes fun new nails! April is the perfect time for fun spring colors and designs. Pastels, flowers, and cheerful colors are all adorable options for your April nails! April Pastel Nails April is the absolute perfect month…
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March Nail Ideas, Designs, and Colors

So it’s finally spring! After a few months of winter nails, you can now start your transition to cute pastel spring nails! This guide will give ideas for the best March nail ideas, designs, and colors. If you want to see the best spring…