Hot pink nails French tips

These hot pink French tip nails are so cheerful and adorable! They are the perfect nails for spring or summer, and are super trendy! You are sure to love these cute nails!

Hot pink nails French tips

These French tip nails are perfect for the spring or summer time! Hot pink is a great color for the warmer months of the year, and really has brings on a bright and cheerful energy! These nails will also look great with spring and summer outfits. If you are looking for more spring nail looks, check out Spring Nail Ideas, Designs, Colors. These hot pink nails are also great for your next vacation! They will look so cute in pictures! Also, if you’re looking for party nail ideas, these are a great option! French tips are classy and always a good option, but the hot pink color really makes these nails fun.

Pink French nails

Despite their fancy appearance, these French tip nails are relatively easy to recreate. All you need is a light pink base coat, a hot pink color, and an extra thin brush. It would also be helpful to keep a q-tip with nail-polish remover near by in case of mistakes. I chose to use a light pink base coat, but a nude base coat would also work. I personally think that the light pink compliments the overall pink look well which is why I went with it. I also chose to shape the nails in an oval shape, but you can make them a square or coffin shape.

Hot pink nail ideas

To start, paint on the light pink base coat. You want to make sure the light pink base coat is completely dry before you go in with the hot pink. To paint on the hot pink french tip, you want to use the extra thin brush. Paint a very thin line at the top of the nail. Slowly start to extend the line to create the tip. Finally, once the hot pink tips completely dry, go in with a shiny top coat. There you have your new nails!

Cute French nails

You can also add designs to these hot pink french nails! You can paint on a layer of sparkles for some extra shine. You can also paint little white hearts onto each nail. Seriously, there are so many different things that you can do with these hot pink French tip nails so don’t be afraid to get creative! I hope you love your new adorable nails!

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