6 Things to Know When Going to Lollapalooza for the First Time



Lollapalooza is one of the highlights of summer – the BEST music, the BEST outfits, and the BEST food! If you are going for the first time, here are some things you should know:


1. Buy a Clear Backpack!

At Lollapalooza, the only carry-ons allowed are small fanny-packs and clear bags. If you opt for a fanny pack, the only things you can fit are small items like your phone and hair-ties. With clear bags, not only do you have more space, but you have a place to store water, merchandise, and any other things you may need. I also recommend getting clear backpacks with water compartments and straws in them. At Lollapalooza the water can get very expensive, so when you have a backpack with water inside, it can both be helpful and save you money!


2. It will get VERY hot! Be mindful of what you wear!

It is so tempting to wear the cutest flair jeans with a stylish leather top. My advice is DO NOT! The end of July in Chicago is already very hot, but with thousands of people packed outside, it gets even worse! During crowded concerts, you want to be wearing the lightest clothes possible! If you aren’t a six foot tall guy, chances are the air will be very very hot when in packed concerts! With tight clothes, your going to be so so sweaty. Although the flair leggings may be cute, save those for pre-pictures!


3. Your clothes and hair probably will get ruined!

During the jam-packed concerts, do not expect your clothes and make-up to survive! It’s a common thing for people to be throwing beer and water in the air during concerts. Additionally, you get very sweaty being packed in the heat for so long. If you straighten your hair, there’s a good chance it’ll end up getting frizzy. If you wear an expensive outfit,  there’s a good chance by the end of the night there will be beer and other liquids all over it. My advice: shop at Amazon and SHEIN for outfits as they are cheap, but still very cute!


4. NEVER be alone!

During Lollapalooza, not only is grant park huge, but it gets VERY VERY crowded. You separate from a friend for a minute and suddenly you are lost. During concerts especially, stay together! It’s easy to get lost in mosh pits, but being alone can lead to stressful situations. The last thing you want is to be alone in a crowd of thousands of people. Oftentimes phone service doesn’t work. I recommend designating a very specific meeting spot for when a friend is lost. Also, if you and a friend split up from your main group, make sure that you check in with the others every hour or so.


5. Keep your belongings VERY secure!

The first day I went to Lollapalooza, my best friend got her phone and wallet stolen. It was secured in a fanny pack. At festivals, having your belongings stolen isn’t just some rare occurrence – it happens to hundreds of people each day. Having your phone zipped up isn’t enough! It should be either in your hands or in a VERY secure place. Also try to leave as many valuables at home as possible. All you really need is your phone, one credit card, and some cash.


6. Take the train!

I suggest any transportation other than driving. If you choose to drive, be prepared to face traffic, difficulties finding parking, and stressful situations. The metro is about a 15 minute walk from grant park. If you can walk, then walk. The train is the cheapest and least stressful method of transportation. Just be mindful of train times when returning from Lollapalooza, as at night there are more limited times!

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