How to Get Lots of Views on Instagram Reels

Instagram reel views

Instagram’s algorithm can be confusing! I’ve posted very similar reels where one video gets thousands of views and the other gets a few. Here are some tips to keep in mind which will maximize your Instagram reel views!

Instagram reel views

1. Use Popular Sounds

If you are familiar with TikTok, you know that if you watch videos with a certain sound, you keep getting videos with the same sound. Instagram reels are the same. With trending sounds, it means a lot of people are continuously getting videos on their page with that sound. When you use trending sounds, there is a higher chance that Instagram will show your videos to people that like that sound. Almost all of my popular videos have used trending sounds!

2. Do Not Repeat Photos/Videos

This is one of those things that I had to learn the hard way. Even if your doing a montage and reuse a photo, there is a risk that Instagram simply won’t show your video to anyone. I recommend slightly altering your photo to bypass Instagram.

3. Use Templates

Using pre-existing templates often makes for the most aesthetic videos. It can be hard timing your video perfectly right to meet sounds, and oftentimes videos can look a little bit “off”. This can be avoided by just using pre-existing templates! Not to mention, using pre-existing templates saves SO MUCH TIME. Seriously, you just click to add a few photos and videos, and your real is done! 

4. Create Shorter Reels

If you post a 55 second reel, even if it is engaging, viewers may just swipe half way through. If you have a 5 second reel, even if it isn’t that interesting, viewers will usually just watch the whole thing. Shorter reels mean that the viewers may watch them a few times before swiping. One trick I use is posting a long quote, but only having the video length being a few seconds. Viewers are going to want to read the whole quote, causing them to watch the video multiple times. Trust me, going for shorter reels takes less time and results in much more views. 

5. Tag Places/Products

When you tag a place, your video gets shown in the place’s most recent posts. People that are curious about the place will see your post, therefore giving you more views. If you use a specific product tag it! Seriously, it takes 2 seconds, but a brand might just notice you are repost you on their story. Or there may even be interested in doing a partnership with you! Tagging products and places is one of the easiest ways to increase views (and possibly get noticed by big brands!)

6. Post a Lot of Reels

I have had so many videos that I debated even posting, but ended up receiving thousands of views. The instagram algorithm can be very random! I know many people advocate for quality over quantity, but when it comes to Instagram, post a lot! The more reels you post, the greater the chances that one will go viral. Of course there is a balance, but in general I would say 1-2 reels a day is a great amount! And if your ever questioning if you should post a reel, I say post it!

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