Rivers & Roads Cafe – Best Chicago Cafe

Located about a 10 minute walk from Loyola’s college campus, Rivers & Roads cafe provides THE very best coffees, pastries, and drinks. If you are in the area, River & Roads is a MUST try.

River & Roads Cafe used to be called Ellipsis Coffeehouse, but since then they have rebranded. The environment inside is just fantastic. There are tons of warm colors and decorations to create a classic coffeehouse ambiance. Since the cafe is located so close to Loyola college and is in the city, you can expect lots of college students and people working. If you want to get some work done and be productive, this is the place to go.

The cafe is usually pretty busy, and rightfully so – the food and drinks are delicious! As you can see by the picture, there are tons of students ordering drinks or doing work. The baristas are all super friendly and take your orders very quickly. If you have allergies, they know how to properly address them. There are also tons of options for flavors and milk which I really appreciate.

If you want to go and grab a quick fancy coffee, Rivers & Road cafe is the place to go. They offer special drinks to go, so it’s perfect if you are on the run and want to grab a coffee.

My personal favorite drink is the s’mores latte. The coffee itself is absolutely perfect. It is strong and flavorful, but isn’t overly bitter or burnt. Definitely one of my favorite coffees of all time. The s’mores latte is topped with marshmallow cream, chocolate syrup, and graham cracker crumbs. SO addicting! If you end up making it to River and Roads cafe, you must try the s’mores latte!

Rivers and Roads cafe also offers tons of delicious foods including my personal favorite – the cookies. If you are looking for a place to get brunch or a snack with your friends, this is the place. You get delicious food, mouthwatering coffee, and the vibes inside are absolutely great! If you’re looking to take pictures, pictures turn out so cute inside this cafe. Seriously there is no better place.

I also love the location – it is walking distance from tons of other restaurants if you are looking to grab lunch and then get a coffee. From the food to the vibes to the coffee, you absolutely need to try River and Roads cafe! I hope you love your coffee!

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