Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe
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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe

These crinkle cookies are soft, fudgy, chocolatey, and so delicious! When biting into these, you get a slightly harder outside, and a soft gooey middle. You have to try these amazing cookies! These chocolate crinkle cookies are my favorite…
White chocolate dipped oreos

White Chocolate Dipped Oreos

These white chocolate dipped oreos are the perfect dessert for any occasion! Sweet, tasty, simple, cute, and absolutely delicious, you won't get enough of these white chocolate dipped oreos! These white chocolate dipped oreos are the…
valentines day desserts
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Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies

These delicious heart shaped meringue cookies are so light, fluffy, sweet, and so addicting! The perfect valentines day treat or gift, you will absolutely love these! These heart shaped meringues are absolutely so delicious! They are…
easy banana cookies
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Chocolate Banana Cookies

These banana cookies are soft, delicious, and have an amazing chocolatey banana flavor! Like banana bread in cookie form, you will absolutely love these cookies! These cookies are the perfect dessert to make if you have extra bananas…
Edible Brownie Cookie Dough Recipe
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Edible Brownie Cookie Dough Recipe

This brownie cookie dough is absolutely addicting, 3 ingredients, and so easy to make! When you can't decide if you want brownies or cookie dough, now you can have both!:) This cookie dough is absolutely delicious! It has the consistency…
edible chocolate chip cookie dough
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Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This vegan banana chocolate chip cookie dough is so addicting and delicious! With a delicious banana flavor and mouth-watering chocolate chips, you will absolutely be addicted to this cookie dough! I think that the majority of people…
how to make chocolate matzah
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Homemade Chocolate Matzah Recipe

This chocolate matzah is so tasty, chocolatey, and simply the perfect passover dessert! A crunchy inside layer, with tasty chocolate on top, this is the perfect treat! Only requiring two ingredients and a few minutes, anyone could whip…
chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are so tasty, soft, delicious looking, and simply outstanding! They have the perfect consistency and so easy, quick, and simple to make! If you want your fix of easy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I strongly…
Cookies made with green mint m&m's candy
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Green Mint M&M's Cookies Recipe

These super tasty green mint M&M cookies are super cute, and so delicious! They have the perfect texture, with the perfect amount of minty M&Ms. In addition, this green recipe is perfect for St. Patrick's Day! These green cookies…
valentines day sugar cookies
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Easy Heart Shaped Pink Sugar Cookies With Red Sprinkles

Whether you are looking for a valentines day themed dessert, or a super cute cookie for a party, these are the most delicious, cute sugar cookies! These are super easy to make, and can be made so quickly! They require no chilling, and they only…