Different Shades Of Purple Nails – Gradient Purple Nails Designs

purple nail design

This gradient purple nail design is so trendy, easy, and fun! Using different shades of purple to make up this awesome nail look, these nails are so cheerful!

purple nail design

This nail design takes various shades of purple, starting from a dark purple on the thumb to a light lavender purple on the pinky to make up this look. This makes for a super trendy look, as now it is very popular to do gradient nail designs with different shades of a color.

different color nail designs

Anyone can do this super easy purple gradient nail design! All you need are 5 different shades of purple! Simply apply the different nail polishes and you are done! This nail design is perfect to do from home, and practically no experience is needed. If you know how to paint nails, you can recreate this nail look!

bright purple nail design

This purple nail design is perfect for spring and summer! It is upbeat, cheerful, and energetic! It goes great with lighter summery outfits and would be the perfect nails to wear to the beach! If you are going on a tropical vacation, these nails would be perfect! They are so fun, and add a pop of color to your outfit. In addition, if you are wearing a lighter dress, these nails would go great with it! They really make your outfits more playful and fun!

trendy purple nail design

There are so many easy ways to get creative with these nails. You can replace purple with virtually any color. You can do different shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, or red. In addition, you can add sparkles or more designs to the look. For example you can add sparkles or polka dots on a few of the fingers. In addition, you can transfer this idea to french nails. You can do french nails with various shades of purple. There are so many great ways to get creative with these nails.

These nails are easy, fun, playful, and trendy and I highly recommend you get them! Have fun with your gradient purple nail designs!

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