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Pink And Purple Nails Design

pink and purple nails design

This Pink And Purple Nails Design is such a creative and trendy manicure design! The pink and purple combo with a white stripe accent is a dreamy feminine color palette. The fun modern boho swirls are especially chic when paired with almond-shaped nails.

pink and purple nails design

How To Do The Pink And Purple Nails Design: Shape Nails Into The Almond Shape

An almond-shaped nail looks great with the flowing organic shapes of the design. The swirls and organic shapes of this nail design would also look great on oval and round nails.

Pink And Purple Nails Design Tutorial

Pink And Purple Nails Design Tutorial

You’ll need a few items to create this pink and purple swirls DIY manicure:

A cool pink nail polish
A cool purple nail polish
A sheer very light lavender nail polish
A white nail art pen
A clear top coat

The first step is super simple! Paint at least two coats of pink polish on the pinky nail. And two coats of purple polish on the thumbnails. Be sure to paint the sides and front of the nail tips to seal in the color and prevent and polish chips. Allow the polish to fully dry.

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Pink And Purple Nails Design Manicure

Pink And Purple Nails Design: Pink French Tip Nail

Next, paint one or two thin coats of the sheer lavender polish on the remaining three fingers. Then only on the index finger, create the pink french tip by painting a curved smile line with the pink polish.

Start at the growth point on one side of the nail and pull the polish to the other side. You can make the curve match your nail tips or mirror the natural shape of your nail bed. If you need a second coat, let the first coat dry completely first.

Pink And Purple Nails Design Inspo

Pink And Purple Nails Design: Accent Nails with Organic Shapes

To paint the organic abstract shapes, follow the same nail tutorial for the Simple White Nails Design With Light Purple Green Color Block. Color-blocking nail designs are trendy and a fun way to show your creativity. Start with the pink polish and paint a sweeping organic blob of color aligned to one side of the nail. Aim to cover about one-third of the total nail space.

Then paint a cohesive organic shape on the opposite side of each nail with purple polish. You can mirror the sweeping edge of the pink polish loosely for visual movement. Again aim to cover up to one-third of the total nail space.

Don’t worry about being super detailed with the organic shapes. Let the shape flow organically. Work one nail at a time or one color at a time. I alternated the pink and purple designs on the accent nails to mix up the design.

Easy Pink And Purple Nails Design

Pink And Purple Nails Design: White Swirl Design

A nail art pen makes the white stripe easy to create. If you’ve never used a nail art pen before, the Purple Nails With Smiley Face And Abstract Design post has great tips!

First, check to confirm your nails are totally dry to prevent smudging and dragging the polish. Then working one nail at a time, draw one organic, sweeping line down the middle of each accent nail. Allow the line to flow with the pink and purple organic shapes.

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Pink And Purple Nails Design Ideas

Pink And Purple Nails Design Styling Inspo

Perfect for spring and summer, this girly nail design will work with so many outfit styles. Dressing in pink and purple tones will create a cohesive and put-together look. And of course, neutral outfits in lighter tones will make this DIY manicure pop.

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Pink And Purple Nails Design
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