Light Pink Nails Ring Finger Design With Flowers And Gold Foil Flake

Light Pink Nails Ring Finger Design Idea With Flowers And Gold Foil

These pink nails with a flowery gold foil design are so adorable! These nails are cute, simplistic, and perfect for any occasion!

pink flower nail design

To create these nails, first paint on a light pink coat on all of your nails except the fourth. Then, on the fourth finger, paint on a clear basecoat. Then, take a very small piece of gold foil and press it on to the wet base coat. Next, using a very thin nail polish brush paint on the flower using white nail polish and the light pink nail polish for the center of the flower. That is all you need to do to create this look!

Light Pink Nails Ring Finger Design Idea With Flowers And Gold Foil

This look is relatively easy to create from home. As the design is only on the ring finger, these nails will not take too long. Simply use a thin brush to create the flower, and paint the rest of the nails as usual. Anyone can create this super cute pink flowery nail design!

These light pink nail designs are perfect for any occasion! They are super cute, and are perfect for the spring or summer due to the pastel colors and the flowery design. In addition, these nails are perfect for a vacation, as they are so cheerful! Since these nails aren’t too flashy, these nails are perfect to wear to work and on an every-day basis. These nails are great for all occasion!

This light pink flowery nail design with gold foil can be easily changed up! You can paint on any color such as blue, yellow, red, orange, or green! In addition, you can add the flowery gold foil design to more than one finger. Or, you can add the gold foil to every finger and leave the flower on your fourth finger. There are so many ways to change up these nails.

These adorable pink flowery nails are perfect for summer, spring, vacation or any time you want a simple and cute look! Enjoy your light pink nails!

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