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Brownie Batter Balls

These edible brownie batter balls are the tastiest treat to satisfy your sugar cravings! Taking only 5 minutes to prepare, and 3 ingredients, you can make these treats on even the busiest of nights! These brownie batter balls only take 5 minutes to prepare and are no-bake! On nights when you want to make a […]

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Oreo Dirt Cupcakes Recipe

These oreo dirt cupcakes are so festive and delicious! Replicating a plant in the dirt, these are absolutely perfect to celebrate Spring and our planet! This is an amazing dessert for Easter or Earth Day! Despite their fancy appearance, these cupcakes are so easy to make! After time and time again of decorated cupcakes that […]

Sweet Potato Avocado Egg Meal Prep

This sweet potato, avocado, and egg meal prep salad is the best meal to spice up your boring weekday lunches! Colorful, filling, and healthy, this is the the tastiest lunch ever! This sweet potato, avocado, and egg salad is so colorful and vibrant! The sweet potatoes add a bright orange color, the avocadoes a fresh […]


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

These sweet potatoes are the tastiest side dish ever! Adding amazing color, flavor, and health benefits to your meal, these sweet potatoes are guaranteed to make your meal ten times better! These sweet potatoes are vegan, gluten-free, and all natural, with tons of health benefits. High in fiber and potassium, sweet potatoes rank at one […]

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Easy Baked Oatmeal

This easy baked oatmeal is sure to leave you excited for breakfast! Warm, tasty, delicious and healthy, it is a great recipe for meal prep, and breakfast to last throughout the whole week. This oatmeal has tons of health benefits, in addition to being gluten-free! The eggs and oats fill you up, and this oatmeal […]

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Mango Salsa Recipe

This mango salsa is the most delicious, sweet, flavor salsa that you will ever find! With fresh mangoes for sweetness, onions and jalapeno for spice, and cilantro (or parsley) for flavor, this is the best salsa! This salsa is so tasty! Ripe mangoes make this salsa so sweet and flavorful. What is unique about this […]

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Easy Panda Cupcakes Recipe With Oreos

Looking for homemade panda cupcakes? This easy tutorial will show you how to make panda cupcakes using very simple ingredients and no special decorating skills! Panda Bear Cupcakes These panda bear cupcakes are not only absolutely adorable, but so easy to make, and simply delicious! These panda cupcakes are a super fun craft, and a […]

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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are so tasty, soft, delicious looking, and simply outstanding! They have the perfect consistency and so easy, quick, and simple to make! If you want your fix of easy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I strongly recommend making these! These cookies are so tasty! The oatmeal changes the whole consistency of […]

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Energy Balls

These peanut butter oatmeal energy balls not only fil you up and give you energy, but they are absolutely DELICIOUS!  They taste like a dessert, but they fill you up super well, and have lots of protein, healthy fats,  as well as complex carbs, that will give you energy and keep you full. These peanut […]

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Flower Shaped Lemon Pastries

These delicious flower-shaped lemon pastries are so adorable, cute, and easy to make! They look like they came out of a professional French bakery, yet are so easy and fast to make! These lemon flower pastries are so tasty! With a perfectly soft pie dough with sweet powdered sugar on top, and lemon cream in […]