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Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Green Roll Cake

This easy Saint Patrick’s Day roll cake, is the perfect dessert to celebrate the holiday! It is delicious, festive, beautiful, and most importantly green! A scrumptious vanilla cake base and a delicious buttercream frosting filling, this is the absolute perfect dessert for Saint Patrick’s Day! This cake is so beautiful, and such a nice addition […]

How to straighten your hair with no damage

Straightening hair can not only be tricky, but it can also be extremely damaging to hair. After straightening, your hair can break, have massive split ends, and become dead-looking and feeling. There is a solution to straightening hair that minimizes the damage. If you straighten your hair correctly, your hair will look shiny and silky, […]

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Avocado Brownies (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

These brownies are rich, chocolaty, sweet, and fudgy, yet somehow healthy! The secret ingredient that makes these brownies just so wonderful is avocado! These avocado brownies are vegan and gluten-free! You might be wondering: do avocado brownies taste like avocado? No, they taste like regular brownies! As the brownie bakes, the avocado taste completely goes […]

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Healthy Vegan Chia Overnight Oats

As a breakfast hater, I’ve always struggled with finding a breakfast both light, healthy, fresh, and most importantly delicious! Sweetened only by honey and berries, and filled with essential nutrients from the chia and pumpkin seeds, this overnight oatmeal is the healthiest, most refreshing way to start your day! Filled with oats, honey, chia and […]

Does Silk Pillowcase Help With Frizzy Curly/Wavy Hair?

After years of dealing with lifeless frizzy hair everyday in the morning, I came across the silk pillowcase. Wary of its claims to reduce frizz, I was hesitant of buying it, however once I did it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Throughout the years, I always struggled maintaining my hair. […]

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Healthy Blueberry Banana Mug Cake (Gluten-Free)

This healthy gluten-free mug cake with no refined sugar is the perfect breakfast for anyone! Seeking a healthy fast breakfast?  This blueberry banana mug cake is exactly what you need! With a moist banana batter and deliciously sweet blueberries scattered throughout, you will forget you are eating breakfast, and think you are eating a dessert! […]