Pearl white nails are flattering on everyone, perfect for literally any situation. And they have the ideal balance of character and neutral vibes. Neutral nails are likely to never go out of style, but every so often, a new neutral nail trend catches our eye.

Pear White Nails Are Trendy and Timeless

You’ve probably seen pearl white nails all over social media — and it’s no surprise! They are popular as an evolution of the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nail design that took us all by storm last year. The pearly iridescence gives this manicure a softer and more sophisticated look than a traditional true white.

Pearl white nails are a timeless look but there’s no denying that they are so trendy right now.

How To Do Pearl White Nails: Shaping The Nails

To achieve this look, first, shape your nails into a medium oval shape. I love a soft nail shape for this understated nail design. If the oval shape isn’t for you, an almond nail shape would also be stunning with this nail design.

Oval and round nail shapes are very similar with the main difference in the nail sides. Round nails have hallmark straight and parallel sides with a soft curved tip while oval nails have an arched and rounded shape starting at the nail base and angling throughout the entire tip.

When filing oval nails, finish up the shape with a fine-grit file removing all snags for a true oval nail. Short and medium oval nails are a classic look and are very resistant to chips and snags due to their strength.

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How To Do Pearl White Nails: Painting The Nails

You’ll need just a few items for this trendy nail design:
A pearly white polish of your choice
A clear polish topcoat

Start by painting two coats of white polish on all nails, allowing the polish to completely dry.
Next, paint a top coat on all nails, covering the front of the nail tips to protect the polish from chipping. Easy peasy!

How To Do Pearl White Nails: The Perfect “That Girl” Style

You might know of the “clean girl” or “that girl” beauty trends that are so popular now. Focusing on fresh neutrals and simple-but-statement looks curates a clean and put-together vibe. These nails are one hundred percent on trend.

It’s clean and understated while elevating any look, from a matching set at the gym to a gown at a formal event. You cannot go wrong with pearl white nails right now.

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