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June Nails Designs, Ideas, Colors

Red nail ideas

With a new month comes a whole new set of the trendiest nails! June is the first month of summer, so some fun summer looks start coming out! Brighter colors and designs are all very in right now! Additionally, a classic white manicure is more popular! Swirls, flowers, and butterflies are all very popular designs for this month and hot pinks, bright blues, and whites are all the trendiest colors for this month!

Pink June Nails

Pink is such a cheerful and fun color! It is also the perfect color to welcome summer with your brand new nails! Brighter pinks always look great with summer outfits, and are super trendy.

Short Hot Pink Summer Nails

Adorable Hot pink nails

Hot Pink French Tips Nail Design

Hot pink nails French tips

Hot Pink Summer Coffin Nails

Hot pink nails

Light Pink French Tip Nails With Flowers

Pink flower nails with French tips

Hot Pink Lightning Bolt Nails Design

Pink Lightning Bolt Nails Design

Long Pink Coffin Nails

Bright Blue June Nails

Another great color for June nails is bright blue! June is the first month where you can go swimming or go tan at the pool, and what a better way to celebrate than to get some cute blue nails!

Different Shades Of Blue Nails Design


Lotus Flower Nail Design Blue And White Manicure

Easy Lotus Flower Nail Design Blue And White

Blue Summer Nails Design With Flowers

Blue summer nails with flowers

Sky Blue Coffin Nails Manicure

Blue coffin nails

Smiley Face Nails In Blue And White

Chrome June Nails

Chrome is SUPER trendy and always turns out so shiny and eye capturing! You can also do so many different colors with chrome powder. I recommend a chrome pearl color or a light pink chrome powder.

Pink Chrome Nails with Coffin Tips

Pink chrome nails

Silver Sparkly Glitter Nails

Pearl White Nails

White June Nails

White is a classic summer nail color that you simply can’t go wrong with. Elevate the white nail look with some super cute nail designs!

Short White Nails Simple Design

Short white nails

White French Tip Nails With Design

Simple White Nails Design With Light Purple Green Color Block

Simple White Nails Designs With Purple Green Color Block

Nude Nails Design Idea With Simple White Swirls

Nude Nails Design Idea With Simple White Swirls

White Nails With Gold Foil Accent Finger

Flower June Nails

One thing that June has a lot of – flowers! Flowers always make for super cute and versatile designs that go with most colors and are very adorable. If you are looking for more flower nails, check out Flower Nails – Designs and Ideas.

Flower Nails – Red Coffin Nail Design

Red nail ideas

Purple Summer Nails Design With Flowers

Purple summer spring nails

Yellow And Orange Nails Designs With Flowers And Summer Swirls

yellow and orange nails designs with flowers and swirls

Purple Nails With Smiley Face And Abstract Design

Swirl June Nails

Swirls are another super cute summer look! Swirls are also very versatile and can be created with different colors and can be on one nail, a few, or all of the nails!

Bright Orange Nails With White Swirls Design Idea

bright orange nails with white swirls nail design idea

Abstract Swirls Pastel Nails Design Light Purple Green

natural coffin nails

Pastel Summer Nails Multicolor Swirls Design

summer pastel nails design multicolor swirls

Pink and White Swirls Nail Design

pink swirls nails

Different Shades Of Pink Nails With Ring Finger Swirl Design

trendy bright nail design

Butterfly June Nails

Another cute design is by simply adding butterflies to your nails. They are festive and super cute.

Light Blue Butterfly Nails Design Idea

Purple Butterfly Nail Design With White Nails

Purple nails butterly

White Nail Design Ideas – Simple Butterfly Sticker Designs

Simple White Nail Design Ideas With Butterfly Stickers

How To Choose Your June Nails

There are so many different nail options, that it can be hard to choose! Think about if you have any events or parties coming up. If you do, you might want to go with a brighter and more fun nail look. If you are working, you might want to stick with one of the more plain white nail designs. If you’re going on a vacation, consider butterfly or flower nail designs. Enjoy your new June nails and have fun!

If you want some more similar nail ideas, check out May Nail Designs, Ideas, Colors. If you have a June birthday, be sure to check out June Birthday Nails – Ideas, Designs, Colors. And finally, if your looking for some more summer nails, check out Summer Nail Designs, Ideas, Colors 2023.

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